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OnCue is everything you need in a trial presentation system—meaningful features to get time-consuming tasks done in record time. Trial Presentation professionals designed OnCue from the ground up to be:


Features that mean something, without the bloat. In designing OnCue, we focused on improving workflow and saving time with exhibits, video editing, and presenting in court.



Trial-tested for nearly five years before launch in war rooms and courtrooms across the country. There’s no room for error in our business so we designed software you can count on in the toughest circumstances.



During trial, “normal business hours” are a farce. The support crew answers questions beyond the 9-5, are all OnCue experts, and will treat you like a colleague who needs a hand.


The Magic is in the Features


2,000,000 Pages, No Choking

Our database structure has handled in excess of 2 million pages and 2TB of video in court. Plus the game-changer, OnCue converts PDFs to image files in the background while you work, giving you unprecedented response times in court.

Annotations That Make Sense

No need for layers, stages, or screengrabs (the worst). Annotations are stored with their parent page and always editable just by moving things around and clicking update.


Lightning Fast Editing

OnCue is built for deposition video with smart tools to combine, split, and exclude portions of designations instantly. Need a document or a callout to come up during the playback? Just drag and drop it onto the transcript.

Import Designations in Minutes

Whether you need to drop in 10,000 page/lines from 200 transcripts all at once or designate from scratch inside the program, no matter how you do it, it’s faster and easier than you’ve ever seen in a program like this.


Organize It Your Way

OnCue’s Notebooks are fully customizable–they can hold full documents, loose pages, annotations, designations, full depo runs. If it is in your case, you can put it in a Notebook, in any order you like.

Amazing Deposition Reports

With OnCue, you are a few clicks away from beautifully informative designation reports with cover sheets, color-coding, and run-times. No more unclear text files, manually highlighting a PDF or extra processing to deliver a useful report.

There’s Much More…

Read all about the time and frustration-saving aspects of OnCue in our benefits list.

Simple Pricing, Scalable Licensing.


$80/month 2 activations per license
Month to month, no commitment
No charge for first week, cancel anytime

Scalable is the key word for this plan. Maybe a month is all you need, or maybe you need OnCue on 4 extra machines for just three months. There's no need to spend $2000 on other programs and no commitment.

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$65/month 2 activations per license
Annual commitment
No charge for first week, cancel anytime

You've reached the never-looking-back point and you clearly spend a lot of time in court, so we are lowering the cost on your most essential software in exchange for an annual commitment.

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$50/month 2 activations per license — 15 license minimum
Annual Commitment
Contact us for alternative payment methods

Our biggest discount for our biggest customers. When you know you need OnCue for everyone, this is your option. As long as you have 15 annually, you can scale up on a monthly basis at the same $50 price point.

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Two For One.

Each subscription offers two activations because if you aren’t running a backup laptop in court, you probably should be. When you can’t leave things to chance, redundancy is the best insurance.

No Maintenance Fees.

Our subscription model means you don’t pay for upgrades, maintenance fees, or support. You also won’t wait months to get the functionality you need today. When we perfect great new features, we release them for everyone’s benefit instead of holding them back for “the next version.”

Scalability Without Sticker Shock.

When you are working a small trial, a single subscription may do. But for a big one, you may need several new licenses. Add extra subscriptions for your trial to get the capability you need at a fraction of the cost of the other guys. Need OnCue on six more computers for a month-long trial? Pick up three licenses for just $240 and cancel them when it’s over. Easy, affordable and exactly what you needed with zero hassle.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“OnCue’s designation features are fantastic–it makes editing easy and the interface is simple and intuitive. It is the best trial software I’ve used and allows me to be more efficient than ever. At trial, when the judge ruled on objections, I was able to eliminate stricken portions and assemble the allowed testimony on the fly.”

Jim Doyle
At Trial, Inc

“Over the last ten years, I’ve worked all the trial presentation systems. OnCue is feature-rich and offers some of the best reporting and functionality for deposition designations. Some of our attorneys request their trials use OnCue on the basis of the reporting alone! Whether you’re a paralegal looking to use it for your first trial or a seasoned pro, OnCue is the killer combo of features, efficiency, and ease of use that you need. I wouldn’t go to trial without it!”

Cheryl Wilson Griffin
Trial Technology Service Manager - Mayer Brown

“I'm a long time in-house IT and Trial support person. My time in the hot seat is limited, but my experience with trial software is extensive. The fact that I've been able pick up and run with OnCue speaks volumes to the ease of use and functionality of this product. Everything is easier with OnCue. Easy licensing, easy file management, easy display and the best customer service! ”

Julie Ruse, DM-IST
Cooley Litigation and Trial Support

"OnCue has been my secret weapon for years. Now it's not secret anymore. Damn.

Clean, efficient, precise, stable – OnCue is everything a skilled trial presenter wants, without the superfluous doo-dads that clog other presentation systems. If you want to hit the mark every time, OnCue is your best shot."

Aaron Shorr
Skadden Arps

“I am taking a self taught crash course in OnCue and am falling in love with it. Great job!”

Cort Chase
Chase Litigation, LLC

“I’ve been grinding away in OnCue since last Monday and I just love it. I’ve put in over 100 hours since Thursday and it just keeps eating away at me how many hours of my life were wasted that could have been saved if I had been using Oncue for all these years.

The customer support is so responsive, and each time not only is there a fast response, but there is a resolution.”

Dave Botwin
Litigations Illustrated

“… it’s working great for me, and with how much time it’s saving me, I may be able to watch a little baseball and football this weekend instead of nothing but depo videos. “

Michael Kauffmann
Precision Trial Solutions

“I've been in several trials lately and OnCue is making me look good. Getting lots of compliments. Keep up the good work “

Joe Cook
Coastal Bend Video Services

“I really did enjoy the product and appreciate how easy it was to use and more importantly how great the support was. It is a rare thing these days to have emails to software providers answered!”

Sarah Yallop
Goodwin Yallop

"OnCue just works, easy to learn and the support is beyond compare. From how to do something, work flow, or even responding to feature creep, they are an amazing team."

Eric Berglund
Five Corners Group

"I’ve used every trial presentation application on the market and OnCue crushes them all. It’s stable, fast and has a workflow that makes sense. When I walk into a courtroom armed with OnCue I am much more confident the day is going to go well."

Matt Meier
Emerald Litigation Consulting, LLC

"Designed by veteran hot seat professionals who know what features matter most in litigation, OnCue is the leader in cutting edge technology for the courtroom. We trust OnCue's rock solid stability to deliver our strategic visual messages when it matters most to our clients. With OnCue, there is finally a product available with the efficiencies that match perfectly with our visual communications group, making OnCue our platform moving forward."

Chad Paulin
Managing Director of Visual Communications
Ankura Consulting

“The two best things about OnCue are its reliability and speed. Playing back video in court used to be incredibly stressful with other trial presentation software. I was always wondering (and preparing for) how it would fail. With OnCue I don’t have to worry anymore. Time and again it continues to work like it should. As for speed, the attorneys I work with are always very impressed with how fast their exhibits are displayed. Sometimes they don’t realize the exhibit they asked for is already up on the screen because it came up so fast. One time, after a very fast-paced cross-examination, the attorney said, ‘It was like you were in my head!’ All this makes OnCue the best trial presentation software on the market and I have tried them all.”

Corey Smith
Precision Trial Solutions

"We’re in trial and the other side is using the presentation software we used to use. Every second I spend in court seeing the differences makes me more glad I found OnCue. The fact that there are several super-smart and experienced folks responding to my support emails around the clock is the icing on the cake (actually the support is more like the cake itself, in reality.)"

Colin Pitet
Reilly Pozner LLP

“With OnCue I was able to set up two colleagues with video and documents who were literally across the continent. They tuned the video, gave me reports that detailed who designated what, and with a single import file gave me all the embedded documents and video designations. The files played flawlessly at court and for all too brief moment in trial history, I was the hero!”

Richie Serp
Bennett Peak Consulting

"I used OnCue after using Trial Director for years. Far better UI. Super easy doc management. Superior support. They actually answer the phone in trial. Pay as you go plan is legit too cheap. Will never use anything else."

Avram Blair
Avram Blair & Associates P.C.

"I'm extremely happy with many of OnCue's features. It is very apparent they have thought of every scenario that trial techs experience when editing video depositions.

Clients have asked me for years to find a way to provide color coded playback (to differentiate between designations and counter designations). Oncue has made this request a reality. 

I have used several trial software programs over the past ten years and it is my opinion that OnCue is the most user friendly and has the best customer support I have ever encountered.”

Katie Coulter
Power Presentations, LLC

"I've been a TrialDirector user for over 16 years, from versions 2.x to 6.8 and in one hour I saw all the things in OnCue a TD power user wished were available. The work-arounds were getting tiresome and costly before.

The simplicity and effectiveness of OnCue are incredible."

Joey Watson
Southeastern Legal Video

"I have been blown away by the simplicity and intuitive nature of OnCue. If you are concerned about tech support, I experienced an after-hours (pilot error) issue that was met with four emails from four different support folks in a matter of five minutes, and they resolved my issue forthwith. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t give OnCue a try years ago. I look forward to relying on OnCue in court without fear of Murphy’s Law raining down on my parade."

Christopher V. Faulk


Made By Pros for Everyone’s Benefit

We’ve spent sleepless nights developing ways to work around the limitations of the status quo. We created OnCue to stop making excuses, wow our clients, and help everyone who is frustrated with outdated presentation software.

OnCue Is:

Engineered by pros for other pros. The most powerful features will be appreciated by those using it day in and day out. The core features are easy to learn and use with just a little training.

Designed for the pressures of real trials. At the most basic level, that means being able to quickly retrieve and interact with exhibits, create and edit video designations with ease, and organize your case data.

Battle Tested. OnCue has served dozens of trial technology professionals in thousands of trials. We tested and refined so much, the first release was actually version 3.

OnCue Is Not:

A trial consulting company. We make software but don’t provide courtroom support–we have other companies* for that. We wanted to make this great tool available to everyone.

Part of a “suite.” There are plenty of suites that promise to do everything. We make great trial presentation software with everything you need included.

Simple enough for anyone to learn in 15 minutes: Should any professional tool be described like that? OnCue is not difficult, but it’s not a one-trick pony either.

We understand that other professionals have learned to live with the workarounds. You may not be ready to replace your primary tool but you can use the powerful features in OnCue to augment the limitations of your current software.

* OnCue is jointly owned and operated by Core Legal Concepts LLC and RLM|TrialGraphix, L.L.C.

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