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We're Hearing Great Things

"YOU ARE MIRACLE WORKERS! This late and you took care of it so easy I really really appreciate it! Can’t thank you enough!"

Eric Bencivengo |
Trial Ready Tech, LLC

"I discovered your amazing program literally mid-trial a couple of years ago. The judge literally ordered us to find “something” other than just using Adobe Acrobat - found OnCue on the lunch break and implemented it by that afternoon!"

Joshua W. Carden |
Carden Livesay LTD

"... Appreciate all of your support! You are like air conditioning for the hot seat!"

Alex Fruehsamer |
Immersion Legal

"...using Oncue made a world of difference in our trial. We loved how easy it was to navigate the platform, and whenever we had a question, their support team was quick to help. Thanks to OnCue, we saw a significant boost in our efficiency and productivity during our trial period. It's a game-changer!"

Lauren Walsh | MajorLaw

"I used (OnCue) again for a recent trial again this week.  The program is flawless and reliable.  It is seriously one of the best tech products I’ve ever used across any industry.  It just works."

Jordan Klein | KILEY KLEIN, LTD. 

"OnCue has great customer service! Thank you!"

Mary Ann Sherlock | Siegel Brill, PA 

"You all have a great product and I look forward to using it effectively with our firm very soon."

Sean Deans | Henson Fuerst, PA 

"Now that I have been to several trials using OnCue, I cannot express how impressed I am with the software. It clearly stands out from the prior trial presentation programs I've used over the last 20 plus years. I recommend it every chance I get."

Kathryn Moore | Kelly Hart

"Just Wow.

I had already heard your app was great, so I checked it out. Then I heard support was great. It clearly is. Thank you so much for this more than timely response, looking forward to working with you in the future!"

Matt Riggs | eDiscovery\AI\Anyalytics

"I just wanted to take a moment to give the whole OnCue team kudos for such a superior product, very intuitive even for an old dog like me. The vid dep editing and reporting functionality kicks ass. My clients love what I'm able to do. Great job you guys (and ladies) for making me look like a hero to my clients!!"

Bob Poston | Legal Technology Services

"This is the best trial presentation software out there. Makes me a better trial tech, fast, efficient, and most importantly reliable. Don’t go to trial without it."

Jim Doyle | @Trial, Inc.

"At first I was a little unsure of the new version until I started to learn and work with the new features. It is simply the best and so much easier than the older version. I love the Designation Wizard and the ability to export scrolling text. I will say this again: the support team is so responsive and helpful. No other trial software comes close."

James O'C Gentry, Esq. | Gentry & Associates

"I wanted to let you know how excited I am to finally have a product that after 20 years of doing this, really covers every single need we have in court during hotseat presentations! Thank you"

Gerard Buitrago | Greenberg Traurig

"You guys are absolutely fantastic both as developers and supporters of your software...I do wholeheartedly believe that at this point, only the most stubborn of vets, and the most ignorant of amateurs are using anything but OC4. It really is a cut above in every category."

Stephen J. Padwe | Elite Trial Consultants

“I used OnCue for four months in San Jose in the U.S. vs. Holmes Criminal Fraud Trial. OnCue performed flawlessly! I received several positive comments about the quality and look and feel of our presentation. Other Trial Presentation Programs simply cannot match the speed and precision of OnCue. I am a big fan!"

Brian Bennett | TBC Video

“Thanks for making this software! This is the best in the industry! I’ve been on OnCue full time now for the last 6 months really diving in. By far exceeds any of the competition in so many ways. Greatest customer service I’ve ever received as well"

Hank Wisrodt | 3 Stix Productions

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your program. I am guessing you get that from a lot of people.”

Carl Seyer | Trial Resource

“ works exactly as we wish it did, and is incredibly easy to grasp despite being extremely powerful. I can't wait to start prepping for my next trial!”

Kelly Hess | Loewinsohn Flegle Deary Simon LLP

"Hands down the best there is in the marketplace!! It’s just plain, simple, fast and efficient. Customer support is outstanding!”

Jim Hoy | Trial Technology Consulting

"Robust. Sleek. Fast. The New OnCue advances the state-of-the-art of trial presentation in such a significant way with new features that have been on my wish list for over a decade. It is backed by best-in-the-business support. This is the professional tool we’ve been waiting for."

Josh Splansky | Josh Splansky Consulting

"The new version is a game changer. The functionality has everything you wish your presentation program had and then they added things you never knew you needed. Anyone using this program has a clear advantage over their competition. Bravo to the OnCue team!"

Brian Fronzaglia | Litigation Support & Trial Techs, LLC

“I have been using trial technology for more than ten years. I have used Trial Director and Sanction and now use OnCue. OnCue is the fastest and most intuitive software on the market. I love it.”

Tim Robinson | Payne Robinson, LLP

“Wanted to thank the entire crew at OnCue for time and time again being both extremely responsive and insightful in their support. Whenever a problem arises - and it's almost always due to a Windows update - they are always there as a team to provide answers and fix the problems. Not sure I've ever dealt with any staff that is so happy to assist with fixing issues that they aren't the cause of. You never receive a response of "well this works on our end so we can't help you". Big thanks to Eric, Nancy, Derek, Jim, Robb and co.”

Dylan Green | Green Legal Technology

“OnCue provides quality and value. In trial, OnCue made our trial team better, it’s that simple. Before trial, we added seats as needed, so we paid only for what we used.”

Robert Carey | Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

“With OnCue I was able to set up two colleagues with video and documents who were literally across the continent. They tuned the video, gave me reports that detailed who designated what, and with a single import file gave me all the embedded documents and video designations. The files played flawlessly at court and for all too brief moment in trial history, I was the hero!”

Richie Serp | Bennett Peak Consulting

“The two best things about OnCue are its reliability and speed. Playing back video in court used to be incredibly stressful with other trial presentation software. I was always wondering (and preparing for) how it would fail. With OnCue I don’t have to worry anymore. Time and again it continues to work like it should. As for speed, the attorneys I work with are always very impressed with how fast their exhibits are displayed. Sometimes they don’t realize the exhibit they asked for is already up on the screen because it came up so fast. One time, after a very fast-paced cross-examination, the attorney said, ‘It was like you were in my head!’ All this makes OnCue the best trial presentation software on the market and I have tried them all.”

Corey Smith | Precision Trial Solutions

"We’re in trial and the other side is using the presentation software we used to use. Every second I spend in court seeing the differences makes me more glad I found OnCue. The fact that there are several super-smart and experienced folks responding to my support emails around the clock is the icing on the cake (actually the support is more like the cake itself, in reality.)"

Colin Pitet | Reilly Pozner LLP

"I have successfully used OnCue in numerous trials, from simple contract cases to multi-video deposition and high-document volume, complex civil trials. OnCue 4 has performed excellently with intuitive new features that take trial presentation to the next level. Time-saving features on the back-end have allowed me to overdeliver to a clientele with already high standards."

Diarmuid Truax | Truax Trial Technologies

"I'm extremely happy with many of OnCue's features. It is very apparent they have thought of every scenario that trial techs experience when editing video depositions. Clients have asked me for years to find a way to provide color coded playback (to differentiate between designations and counter designations). OnCue has made this request a reality.

I have used several software programs over the past ten years and it is my opinion that OnCue is the most user friendly, and has the best customer support I have ever encountered."

Katie Coulter | Power Presentations, LLC

“I am taking a self taught crash course in OnCue and am falling in love with it. Great job!”

Cort Chase | Chase Litigation, LLC

“As a user since 2016, I can only say that OnCue has always been and continues to be a superior tool to get my work done. It is faster, more stable and easier to use than any of the competitors, past and present.”

Ross Jones | Legal Concierge, Inc

“It is literally the best trial software on the market!”

Julee Prentice | Chamberlain Hrdlica

“I am amazed and impressed you guys emailed me back so quickly. That alone makes my purchase of OnCue worth it. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.”

Arwin Burkett | Provost Umphrey, LLP

“OnCue has always been a step ahead of the competition but the New OnCue has an interface that is unmatched and so unbelievably intuitive.  This new version will set a new benchmark and put trial techs ahead of its competition!”

David Aranda | Skadden

“Simply put, the new OnCue is a game changer. They’ve enhanced the presentation side with new features (I absolutely love On-Air) making it more dynamic, easier to use, and prettier for the audience. New editing tools and an upgraded editing suite has made cutting clips even faster and more efficient. And document management continues to be a breeze with better coding tools and working notebooks. I have been doing this for almost 25 years, and the new OnCue has made going to trial fun again.”

John Jay | TrialGraphix

“I have used OnCue twice now and will say I am very happy with it. I haven't yet edited video but I have had ZERO lagging and no crashing. It just really makes this job so much easier when you don't have to ride a bucking bronc software program! The support is amazing. Questions are answered at all hours of the day. As a sole freelancer, it is really great to have the confidence you get with that kind of support after hours.”

Laurie Brander | Brander Paralegal, LLC

“I was recently using a competing program to prepare for a trial that would utilize over two hundred exhibits. Two weeks before the trial, the competitor's program completely crashed and became inoperable. Despite assurances from the head of customer support that the company would identify and fix the problem, I never heard from them. With only a week to go before trial and no interaction with the competitor's support team, I downloaded OnCue and learned its basic functions over a weekend. Simple to learn, stable, and easy to run, it doesn’t get better than this. Should you need any support or have operational questions, the support staff is very quick to respond. In this case, it is truly OnCue to the rescue.”

Rick Martel | eDiscovery Maine LLC

“I have been blown away by the simplicity and intuitive nature of OnCue. If you are concerned about tech support, I experienced an after-hours (pilot error) issue that was met with four emails from four different support folks in a matter of five minutes, and they resolved my issue forthwith. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t give OnCue a try years ago. I look forward to relying on OnCue in court without fear of Murphy’s Law raining down on my parade.”

Christopher V. Faulk | CVFAULK, Inc

“I've been a Trial Director user for over 16 years, from versions 2.x to 6.8 and in one hour I saw all the things in OnCue a TD power user wished were available. The work-arounds were getting tiresome and costly before.

The simplicity and effectiveness of OnCue are incredible.”

Joey Watson | Southeastern Legal Video

“I used OnCue after using Trial Director for years. Far better UI. Super easy doc management. Superior support. They actually answer the phone in trial. Pay as you go plan is legit too cheap. Will never use anything else.”

Avram Blair | Avram Blair & Associates P.C.

“The new video export feature that includes scrolling text and linked documents in the video file is an absolute game changer, and has already saved me from several all-nighters.  There are tons of little touches - such as being able to switch from 16x9 output to 4x3, or reverse publishing my presentation window to my preview window, or choosing which of my displays is active...things that may not seem like a big deal until you suddenly absolutely need them.”

Chuck Vaughn | TrialGraphix

“I wanted to thank you all for the amazing customer service and free trial of OnCue. It worked great for us at trial and I will use it in the future and recommend it. I have a lot left to learn on it, but it got the job done for us. Thanks again for your speedy and helpful responses to my questions.”

Jorden Ramler | Ramler Law Office P.C.

“I'm a long time in-house IT and Trial support person. My time in the hot seat is limited, but my experience with trial software is extensive. The fact that I've been able pick up and run with OnCue speaks volumes to the ease of use and functionality of this product. Everything is easier with OnCue. Easy licensing, easy file management, easy display and the best customer service!”

Julie Ruse | DM-IST

“I've been in several trials lately and OnCue is making me look good. Getting lots of compliments. Keep up the good work.”

Joe Cook | Coastal Bend Video Services

“I really did enjoy the product and appreciate how easy it was to use and more importantly how great the support was. It is a rare thing these days to have emails to software providers answered!”

Sarah Yallop | Goodwin Yallop

“I've been grinding away in OnCue since last Monday and I just love it. I’ve put in over 100 hours since Thursday and it just keeps eating away at me how many hours of my life were wasted that could have been saved if I had been using OnCue for all these years.

The customer support is so responsive, and each time not only is there a fast response, but there is a resolution.”

Dave Botwin | Litigations Illustrated

“Designed by veteran hot seat professionals who know what features matter most in litigation, OnCue is the leader in cutting edge technology for the courtroom. We trust OnCue's rock solid stability to deliver our strategic visual messages when it matters most to our clients. With OnCue, there is finally a product available with the efficiencies that match perfectly with our visual communications group, making OnCue our platform moving forward.”

Chad Paulin | Ankura Consulting

“I’ve used every trial presentation application on the market and OnCue crushes them all. It’s stable, fast and has a workflow that makes sense. When I walk into a courtroom armed with OnCue I am much more confident the day is going to go well.”

Matt Meier | Emerald Litigation Consulting, LLC

“OnCue just works, easy to learn and the support is beyond compare. From how to do something, work flow, or even responding to feature creep, they are an amazing team.”

Eric Berglund | Five Corners Group

“Over the last ten years, I’ve used all the trial presentation systems. OnCue is feature-rich and offers some of the best reporting and functionality for deposition designations. Some of our attorneys request their trials use OnCue on the basis of the reporting alone! Whether you’re a paralegal looking to use it for your first trial or a seasoned pro, OnCue is the killer combo of features, efficiency, and ease of use that you need. I wouldn’t go to trial without it!”

Cheryl Wilson Griffin | Lupl

“Clean, efficient, precise, stable – OnCue is everything a skilled trial presenter wants, without the superfluous doo-dads that clog other presentation systems. If you want to hit the mark every time, OnCue is your best shot.”

Aaron Shorr | Skadden

"Beautiful and functional UI! We are excited to try the new features in the war room and courtroom. Thank YOU!!

Keep leading the way."

Abe Ortega | Blueprint Trial Consulting

"I've been using it now for a couple months and several trials. Working great! Loving the new features."

Jim Farmer | OnPoint Litigation Services

"You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park with version 4. This software is an absolute pleasure to use, and those are words I never thought I would use about trial presentation software. The new web help is really well organized and intuitive too."

Laura S. | Greensboro, NC

 "Thank you!  Love OnCue! Best trial software to date.”

Louie Crumbley | Kilpatrick Townsend

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