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OnCue Installer

Build 4.2.217

Released: 3.5.23

OnCue MSI Installer

Build 4.2.217

Released: 3.5.23

Basic Start Guide

An informative must-read for all new users

Hotkey Guide

Printable PDF of the OnCue hotkeys

Previous OnCue Installers

(Legacy) OnCue Installer


(Legacy) Support Archive


OnCue Transcode Utility


You will still be able to download the previous version of OnCue here, but be warned – you can't future proof old software. Download and use at your own risk. We understand that–even if you're excited to make the jump to the new version–not everyone wants to switch in the middle of trial and that you may have created cases in an older version for matters that are still ongoing. We will not force anyone to upgrade immediately. However, as operating systems and technology continue to march forward, we can't predict how older versions will work and what issues may arise. If you have an activated copy of the latest version on your computer, the legacy version will work as well.


If you wish to stick with an older version, you can download it here, as well as an archive of all the support articles and utilities that accompany them. For build notes, see Update History.

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