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Hello OnCue Customer,


When we quietly put OnCue on the market in August of 2014, we had very simple goals.


Offer a subscription model to simplify updates and support (a fairly new concept at the time)

Exemplify the best customer support in the business

Make trial presentation better and easier


Not to toot our own horn, but we think we nailed it.


Getting right to the point—we are increasing prices beginning August 1st.  This follows nine years of no price increases.


Last August, following six years of development and testing, we released a ground-up rewrite of OnCue packed with new features and amazing performance, while keeping the Day 1 promise of free and frequent updates. People love it, our user base is expanding, and we’re having a great time helping all of the new users switch to OnCue.


In order to grow our support infrastructure to meet demand and continue feature and new product development, we are implementing the following price increase on August 1, 2023


  • Flex: $100 monthly

  • Pro: $900 annually

  • Team: $700 annually (12 license minimum)


We’ve lowered the threshold for the Team plan from 15 to 12 to deliver savings to more of our customer base. If you currently have more than 12 or more licenses, we will automatically update your account on the next scheduled invoice.


Anyone that subscribes to the Pro plan prior to August 1, will not see the new pricing until 2024. 


With appreciation for your support, continued feedback, and interest in OnCue, we are able to continue elevating the art of Trial Presentation for years to come.


Thank you,

Team OnCue

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