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Trial Presentation

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Video Editing, Like a Hollywood Pro

White-knuckle video days in court are a thing of the past. You won’t win an Oscar but the accolades from error free playback will feel almost as good. With OnCue, you are confidently in control.

Video Editor

Fine tune your designations to take out every um, ah, and pause. Edit the scrolling text to match the audio without breaking into a database. Super simple document linking, waveform audio display, hotkeys, and other features enable cleaning up cuts faster than ever before.

Video Exports that Match Playback

With OnCue, exported designations have all scrolling text and linked documents as if you were playing them directly in the software.  No surprises in court or on exchanges and no screen recording workarounds. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

AV Clip Editing

Edit audio, unsynched depositions, and other video clips or animations as simply as you would on a cell phone.  Choose start times, stop times, playback speed and edit clips later with the source file preserved.


Evidence Control Like Never Before

Amazing tools cut stress from courtroom presentations and appear effortless.  Software-based  solutions reduce the need for accessory hardware.  Reporting and organizing features put you in control.

On-Air Mode

Like network broadcasting, On-Air duplicates everything you do in the viewer on the presentation screens—without using a preview monitor, mirroring displays, or showing your toolbar. Toggle on or off with a click or hotkey.

Independent Display Control

The power of a matrix switcher is built into the software so you can choose any combination of external displays. Work as though your displays are mirrored without changing settings.

Answers at a Glance

How long are all of our designations? How about theirs? How long are they combined? How many pages do these documents have? Have we annotated anything in that document? Answer all of these questions and more in seconds with information built into the interface.


Killer Tools You Need, and Some You Didn't Know You Needed

Unlimited Workspace Layouts

Chef’s employ mise-en-place, we use workspaces to optimize workflows. OnCue helps you customize workspaces to focus efficiently on the task at hand. Use our Workflow Ribbon to arrange interface panes for common trial tasks, or make OnCue your own by setting it up how you like and saving unlimited custom workspaces.

Resolution, Renaming and Reductive Search

Instantly identify and resolve naming conflicts on import. Later, use renaming, find/replace, and prefixes to easily customize all of your file IDs and names. Reductive search feature helps quickly find anything in your database.

Designation Dashboard

With the dashboard, you are in full control of deposition video as it plays.  You’ll know exactly how much time has elapsed, is left, and what’s coming up next at a glance. Edit with ease and play back with confidence.

We have wish-list functionality cultivated from hundreds of legal presentation pros. OnCue is designed around creating solutions to real-world frustrations and kissing the all-nighter goodnight—feature rich without being bloated.

What Is OnCue?

The most reliable trial presentation software designed from the ground up by full-time trial presentation consultants.  Since 2014, OnCue has been used in thousands of trials of all sizes. OnCue is laser focused on creating the best presentation software available for the legal industry—simple workflows, powerful tools, blazing fast presentation.

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