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Workflow Ribbon and Creating Custom Layouts

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November 29, 2022 at 3:20:00 AM

Video Tutorial

Below is an explanation for each button on the worklow ribbon:

(1) Add Media

  • Modified Windows Explorer

(2) Annotate/Present

  • Viewer

(3) Build Notebooks

  • Notebooks, Viewer

(4) Present Designations

  • Designations, Designation Dashboard, Transcript Viewer

(5) Edit/Create Designations

  • Designation Editor, Transcript Viewer

(6) Link Docs to Video

  • Designations, Notebooks, Viewer, Transcript Viewer, Designation Editor

(7) Designation Wizard

  • Brings up the Wizard

(8) Custom

  • Shows custom menu and your saved spaces

Workflow Ribbon

Panes can be closed by clicking on the “X”. They can also be opened or closed in the View Menu. You can even lock them, so you don't accidentally move stuff around.

Panes can be dragged around and placed almost anywhere you like within Production.  Just left-click and hold the top of the pane’s title bar and drag it to where you want it.  It works just like Windows does.  Try it out.  If you like it, it can be saved and used for any case in the future.

Opening & Closing Panes