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Creating Designation Lists

Articles > Designations

March 9, 2024 at 10:58:32 PM

Video Tutorial

To create your Designation List, click on Create/Edit Designations screen layout from the Workflow Ribbon. Under the Designations section of the Media Bar, click the + sign and select New Designation List

You will get a dialogue box to change the ID and Name if you want.

Select a Transcript from either the Media Bar or from the drop-down menu on the Transcript Pane toolbar.

Once you have created the Designation List, you can add the page/line designations. There is no limit to the number of designations you can have in a List, and you can designate from different Transcripts within the same Designation List if desired.

Then click and drag to select the transcript text you want to play. You can then either click the "Add Selection" button in the toolbar, right-click the selected text and select “Add Selection," or use the Ctrl + S hotkey.

The Designation List in the Designations tab will expand, and you'll see your new designation appear below the ID.

The highlighter color will be the last used color but can also be changed prior to adding the designation by selecting a color from the Highlighter dropdown menu.