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Exporting Designation Lists

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October 13, 2023 at 7:43:42 PM

Video Tutorial

You can export your designation lists to a video file by right-clicking a selected designation list and hovering over Export. The options are shown below. NOTE: When exporting video with links - you need more than .1s before and after the link on a designation to avoid export errors.

Video options – MPEG-4 - H.264/AVC is recommended as most people can play these and they are high quality and smaller files. Great for inserting into PowerPoint or emailing.

Include scrolling text and linked documents – this allows you to export video files that include the scrolling text and any linked documents that show in Presentation during playback.

Save each clip as a separate file – with this checked OnCue will create separate video clips instead of one video file for the list.

Save closed captions file – a variety of caption file options are included here.

You can also export using highlighter colors but the player you use must be able compatible.

Export to Video File

To export your designation list(s) to a text file, right-click a selected designation list, or lists, and choose Export > Export Designations to Text/XML...

Here are your options for exporting to a text file: