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Split Designation Lists

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May 25, 2023 at 5:00:02 PM

Video Tutorial

See below, there is a group of 18 designations, note that most of the auto-advance arrows face left, meaning that designation when played in LIVE will stop at the end and wait for you to manually advance to the next one. This is an ideal setting for a large group of impeachment clips that are not meant to play all together.

Notice that there are three groups of designations above (outlined in blue) that are meant to play together, because the first auto-advance arrow is pointing down, indicating that it will play through to the next designation before stopping. This is done usually to take out objections or long pauses from a Q&A that should play together.

So, let's say you have all your designations ready in a single list and have a need to break them out into individual lists so they can all have their own ID. But you need the two that are meant to play together, to stay together as Al Green intended. That's where the Split Designation List comes in handy.

Right-click on the root of your Designation List and choose "Split Designation List" to get the options.

The split options need an ID to start with, so it will tell you the ID is invalid until you add one. In this case, I will start with CLIP1 and OnCue will name each the subsequent clips logically, giving a preview of what they will be.

In addition to the preview of the ID, you can determine what the name will be for the newly created Designation Lists. The codes are fairly self-explanatory and the default will give you last name, first initial beginning page:beginning line – endpage:endline. So the first designation on my list would will be named Jain, D 23:22-24:07. But you can create any combination of the options.

Under the Name Format you have the Split Method. This is where the auto-advance arrows come into play. If you want designations that play automatically into the next (down arrows) to group with the subsequent designation, choose "Separate on auto advance setting."

If you want to ignore those settings and simply make a new list for each and every designation, choose "Separate all designations" Note below that it is now making 18 lists instead of the 15 when it was grouping.

Here we'll choose the first option of using the auto-advance setting and hit OK to create the newly separated lists. The process usually takes less than one second depending on how many designations there are.

See on the expanded lists how the clips with auto-advance stayed together and the others all got their own? That's all there is to it.

This feature can save you a ton of time not just if you have created a single list and need to separate it later, but it's also useful when you know you want several lists in the first place. This way you can create them all together in an import file without specifying the separate IDs, fine tune them without having to expand the separate clips, then let the Designation Splitter feature take care of the rest.

Split Designation List

While the auto-advance arrow settings make creating a Designation List of impeachment clips easy, it can sometimes make sense to break a designation list into separate lists.

The right-click menu for Designation Lists contains the item Split Designation List which will do exactly that.

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