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Callouts – Facts and Tips

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May 12, 2023 at 1:34:46 PM

Video Tutorial

Change the size of your callout

Once created, you can left-click on any corner and change the physical size of your callout. You cannot go beyond the screen you are drawing on. Be careful not to grab the top or bottom if you want to maintain aspect ratio, unless you want the “insides” of your callout stretched.

Change the area called out

Did you miss a line and don’t want to redraw it? Once created, hold the CTRL button down, left-click your mouse on either the top or bottom edge of the callout, and move the top or bottom of your callout up or down to include from above or below.

Odd-Shaped Callouts

This one is a little tricky and takes some trial and error. By holding down CTRL, while you left-click on your mouse, you can draw a polygonal shape using points. You close the shape and finish the drawing by double-clicking the mouse.

Remember you can double click any callout to erase it or you can undo (CTRL+Z.)

Callouts – Facts and Tips