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Getting to Know Your Toolbar

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March 2, 2024 at 2:33:33 AM

Video Tutorial

ON-AIR and OFF-AIR This is OnCue’s Mirror Mode. Click on the red button to switch between them. If you are ON-AIR, anything showed in the viewer is on your presentation screen. If you click to change to OFF-AIR – the document continues to show on your presentation screen but now if you click on another document, it will not show on the presentation screen.

Clicking on the Bird sends the document you are looking at to Presentation. As you can see in the picture below, there are other options.

Publish On-Air – Same as hitting the On-Air button in the Viewer.

Reverse Publish – If you have a document in Presentation and, for some reason, had to move to another document in the Viewer, this puts what is in Presentation in the Viewer.

Stop Presenting – This closes Presentation completely.

ASPECT RATIO This one is simple. OnCue viewer has 4x3 (standard) or 16x9 (widescreen) and should be chosen based on the aspect ratio of the monitor, TV or projector you'll be presenting to.

TOGGLE TOOLBAR Turn your toolbar off and on in Presentation. Any change to the tools in the Viewer will be reflected in Presentation so you probably don’t need to use this.

BLANK SCREEN Blank your screen either in Presentation or in On-Air. It works for both.


Go To – Need to go someplace in a hurry and know the ID? Type the ID where the Go To is and hit the arrow. This immediately puts the doc in the viewer.

Page Navigation – At the bottom of your viewer, the arrows will allow you to page through your document. Need to go to the first page or last page – Click on the numbers i.e., 2.1 or 2.139.


TARGET NOTEBOOK – Add what is in your Viewer to your Target Notebook. As seen below, you can check the option to automatically add published media to your Target Notebook as well. See more details in the Notebooks section.


UPDATE ANNOTATION – You can overwrite an annotation (mark-up, treatment) easily. Don’t like what you did? Redo it and hit Update Annotation.

SELECT – Want to erase the 3rd thing you did? Hit the select tool, click on the one you want and hit Delete.

ERASE – Want to start over and erase everything you did or maybe step back one? The default for the button is Erase Last.

Erase works a little differently than other toolbar icons. Clicking erase (or pressing E / Ctrl-E) performs the erase action without selecting the tool and replacing the mouse cursor. Whichever tool you already have selected will remain selected.

Note: Double-clicking on an annotation deletes it.

Target Notebook, Save, Update, Erase