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Adding Pages to Documents

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February 28, 2024 at 8:12:14 PM

Video Tutorial

OnCue recognizes when you add pages to your underlying PDF. If you want to replace a page, you can replace it in the PDF and OnCue will recognize the new page. When making the changes to the PDF make sure the document is not in the Viewer in OnCue.


Nokia document has 137 pages as you can see at the bottom.

After selecting the files or folders to be added, drag them over to the Documents section of the Media Bar or hit the + at the top of your Files pane.

If you add pages to your PDF in your _documents folder you will see this when you click on the document in OnCue after saving in your PDF program.

Add the pages and hit refresh. Done. If you are changing a document and adding pages in the middle, you will get the same dialog. OnCue will read the pages in order. Be careful with this if you have existing annotations.

Deleting Pages

The same principal applies to deleting pages from a PDF. If you delete a page on one of your underlying documents, OnCue recognizes that and will ask you about it.

For PDFs


You can see that 4 - IBM has 19 pages in it.

Put the new pages in NON-PDF format into the underlying document folder using Windows Explorer which in this case the 004 folder (20.jpg, 23.tif, 27.tif are new pages).

Back in OnCue, Right-click on the document you want to add the pages to (4-IBM) and select "Add Pages"

An explorer box will pop up, select your pages, and hit Open.

The pages are given the next IDs in line regardless of what they are called.

For Non-PDFs - Tifs, Jpg, Png, etc.