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Creating & Editing Multimedia Audiovisuals

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March 2, 2024 at 7:31:48 PM

Video Tutorial

Use the video edit and playback tools at the bottom of the screen. Your yellow playhead indicates where the video will start playing from. You can move this anywhere, just click on it and drag to where you want to start.

Find the spot you want to start on, click Set Start Position.

Current time always reflects where the playhead is. See above picture.

You have selected your start point, now move the playhead or use the playback buttons to find your end point and click Set Stop Position to set your stop point.

Clips can be saved just like annotations. Hit Ctrl + S or click the Save Clip icon. This creates and saves the clip under the main video.

Want to redo it? No problem!

Adjust your numbers, move it around, and hit Update Clip.

You can also click the Play Clip button in the Viewer to preview your newly created clip.

Video Editing & Playback Tools

For the second way to do things, the Update Clip will help you fine tune the start and stop.

Right-click on your video (not the folder) and select Add Clips...

An editor window then opens and allows you to enter the start and stop points you would like to save as separate clips. Click Add to create the new clip, repeat as many times as necessary, then click Close when you are finished creating the clips.

Want to redo it? No problem!

Adjust your numbers, move it around, and hit Update Clip.

Right-Click -> Add Clips...