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Copying & Exporting Document Images

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November 29, 2022 at 2:37:45 AM

Video Tutorial

Right-click on any document or annotation (treatment) in the Viewer.

Copy as Image.

Paste into your program of choice. You don't have to save it first.

Only the image is copied and not the background.

Copying in Viewer

You can export document images one at a time or export an entire notebook.

Right-click on a doc page or an annotation (treatment) or notebook.

Select Export  - Export Images…

You have some options here:

  • You can choose either transparent or a solid color background.

  • You can choose to only export annotations or annotations for a certain page. You can put a number in front of the exports to show notebook order if you are doing multiples.

Notebook with display order looks like below after export:

You can show labels on the exports and change the color of the text.

NOTE: Double-clicking on ID or Name in the Label Window brings up more options.

Choose your location and hit OK.

Single Image:

Exporting Document Images