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Creating Impeachment Designation Lists

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March 6, 2024 at 3:53:50 PM

Video Tutorial

Select your impeachment list. All designations are set to play consecutively as you can see by the arrows pointing down. This is the default for all designation lists.

Right-click on the list and select Automatic Advance – click on Enable Auto-Advance to remove the checkmark.

Unchecking Enable Auto-Advance changes the Auto-Advance Arrows in the list to point left. Pointing left means the designation will play and stop after it plays.

After fine-tuning (see Basic Fine-Tuning Designations and Advanced Fine-Tuning Designations articles) your designations are ready to go. When you publish a designation, it will only play that designation and not continue playing.

Have impeachment clips with more than one designation? No problem. You can double-click on the Auto Advance Arrow to change whether it advances or stops. In the image below, publishing VJ1.13 will also play VJ1.14. Playback will stop after VJ1.14 plays.

Creating an Impeachment List