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Presenting Impeachment Designations On-the-Fly

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March 4, 2024 at 7:56:37 PM

Video Tutorial

Open the Transcript Viewer and choose a transcript from the dropdown, or select a transcript in the Transcript tab of the Media Bar.

Use the Go To: or use Find to search for testimony.

Select the testimony you want to present.

To send video immediately – hit F5

or the bird icon to publish in Presentation.

Note: Remember that the video is “untuned” and may not start where you export or end where you expect.

To send text only, just select the text, right-click, and choose Publish as Text or click on the arrow next to the Bird.

You can change how text is presented in both scrolling on the video and the text-only form by going to Edit > Preferences > Designations & Transcripts.

Impeachment On-the-Fly