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Presenting in OnCue

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May 12, 2023 at 2:54:56 AM

Video Tutorial

Once you have selected a document or other media, you can send it to Presentation by clicking the bird icon in the viewer–or in the workflow ribbon on the right-hand side–or by pressing the hotkey F5.

This is what your audience will see in Presentation (the display mode of OnCue.) You can annotate on the fly, change pre-saved annotations, play back deposition designations and anything else you need to do to present your case visually.

Document with Callout:

Video with Linked Document:

You can also start presenting with a blank screen by selecting Start Presenting or hitting CTRL+F5 as indicated above. Once Presentation is your active screen, you can bring up any document by ID, Name or Bates Number “on-the-fly” as long as you hit X first and Enter after. So X + ID + ENTER or X + Name + ENTER or even X + Bates Number + ENTER. 

Note: Be careful about duplicate names, OnCue does allow them and it will bring up the first one in the database.

Tip: Once on a document, you can go directly to a page just by typing the page number and hitting enter. For example, 48 + ENTER takes you to page 48 of the document (X + 48 + ENTER will try to find an ID, Name, or Bates Number "48" so don't hit X first if you are navigating to a page number).

You can also navigate to the last page of a document by hitting the END key and return to the first page by hitting HOME.  Don't like those shortcuts? You can change them. Check out the OnCue Hotkeys article on how to do that.

Check out the Presentation articles in the menu on the left for more information.

How to Present