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Designation Objection Reports

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April 25, 2024 at 9:58:35 PM

Video Tutorial

The text file must be tab-delimited with no headers. You create and keep the files OUTSIDE of OnCue. OnCue does not save or store these objections.

First Column = Transcript Media ID – this is the transcript you created the designations with
Second Column = Start Page
Third Column = Start Line
Fourth Column = End Page
Fifth Column = End Line
Sixth Column = Objections
Seventh Column = the initial of the party who is doing the objecting

If you run into issues, check this list below:

  1. No headers

  2. No extra spacing in columns 1-5 and 7.

  3. No bizarre formatting – no “em dash”, no odd symbols in the objection column

  4. You must have all 4 page/line columns filled even if you are objecting to one line

  5. You must have a designation for an objection to appear in report

Creation of Report

Right-click on your designation list, select Reports -> Create Objection Report.