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March 6, 2024 at 4:37:24 AM

Video Tutorial

Select Designations Wizard in the Workflow Ribbon

This brings up the Wizard, select Add New List

Add an ID and a Name – Hit OK

Choose the transcript associated with the designations you are adding.

Choose your designation highlighter color.

Copy and Paste your designations under the bracketed info.

You can preview what your list will look like by selecting Preview Changes or if you have Auto-Update Preview checked.

No errors? Click Save Designations.

Have errors? Fix them right in the wizard pane. Hovering over the error with your mouse tells you what it is. You can edit right in the pane.

Easy to edit and save when done.

Create New Designations

Select Designations Wizard in the Workflow Ribbon.

Then choose Edit Existing List and Select the list you want from the dropdown menu.


Right-click on your list and Select Edit in Designation Wizard. Both will give you the Wizard with your list in it

You can change colors or the transcript, add designations, make any change you want.  You can even change the ID and Name on a list. But be careful it will the overwrite list with the ID you have selected.

Let’s add counters to an existing list. First, click in the pane underneath the existing designations and then click on the highlighter color button to select a counter color.

Notice the color change at the top when [hl=3] is inserted.

Paste the counters below the [hl=3], notice how the preview shows the counters have been added to the bottom of the list.

If you want to save a copy of the existing list without changes, check the Backup existing lists option.

If you don't want the backup, just hit Save Designations. You'll be warned.

Here’s a side by side with the updated list (sorted and renumbered) and the backup.