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Displaying Designations and Designation Lists as Text Only

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March 8, 2024 at 6:14:24 PM

Video Tutorial

Publishing a Full List

1. Right-click on your designation list and select Publish as Text Only. If your auto advance is set (arrows pointed down) it will publish the list as a whole.

2. Right-Click and hold to manually scroll down (pan) through the designation testimony.

Notice how it shows all the designations.

Publishing Single Designations only

1. This one works like impeachment designations.

2. Right-click, select Automatic Advance and make sure it is unchecked. This turns all your arrows to the left.

3. You can now Right-click, select Publish as Text Only and it shows only the designation you are on. 

See the bottom of the Creating Impeachment Designation Lists article for more advanced explanation regarding displaying 2 designations as one.

Publish as Text Only