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Displaying Exhibits - Extended Desktop

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August 8, 2022 at 6:09:41 PM

Video Tutorial

If you are in the production side of OnCue, you can launch any exhibit, video, designation, designation list or media script by selecting it and pressing either:

 the Publish button in the Workflow Ribbon

or the OnCue bird icon in the Viewer (or the hotkey F5)

You can launch a blank screen in OnCue by hitting Ctrl+F5.

Click on your blank Presentation screen and then type X + Media ID and hit ENTER, for example "x27.4" + ENTER will bring up the fourth page of exhibit 27. The default is "x”, but you can change that (see Presentation Settings and Preferences.) Both work.

NOTE: You can also bring up a document by Name or Bates Number using this method.

TIP: Once on a document you can go directly to a page just by typing the page number and hitting ENTER. For example, 48 + ENTER takes you to page 48 of the document (X + 48 + ENTER will try to find an ID, Name, or Bates Number "48" so don't hit X first if you are navigating to a page number).

Extended Desktop

You never want to show the behind the curtain when using OnCue, you only want to show the Presentation Screen. OnCue has a few ways you can do this.

Step-by-step Instructions

Media Bar

Select a tab or search below


About Media Scripts

About Screen Information

About Synchronized Transcripts

Adding Documents

Adding Multimedia Files in OnCue

Adding Pages to Documents

Adding Synchronized & Non-Synchronized Transcripts

Advanced Fine-Tuning Designations

Barcode Readers (or Scanners)

Basic Fine-Tuning Designations

Bates Numbers – Filling & Importing

Building Notebooks

Callouts – Facts and Tips

Choose Your Displays

Copying & Exporting Document Images

Copying Designations & Merging Lists

Creating & Editing Multimedia Audiovisuals

Creating Designation Lists

Creating Impeachment Designation Lists

Creating Media Scripts

Creating, Opening, & Moving Your Case

Database Tools

Deactivating a License

Deposition Designation Reports

Designation List - Parts Explained

Designation Objection Reports

Designation Wizard