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Playback of Designation Lists

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March 4, 2024 at 7:02:25 PM

Video Tutorial

To play back Designation Lists select the Media ID in Production, then press the Publish button on the Workflow Ribbon or use the F5 hotkey.

You can also launch a blank Presentation screen in OnCue by hitting Ctrl+F5. Click on the blank screen and then type X + Media ID and then hit ENTER.

When playing designations, you will see the Designation Dashboard on your production screen.

On the left:

On the right:

There are navigation buttons on the Designation Dashboard.

NOTE: If you select an individual designation and not the Designation List, it will start from that designation and either play through to the end of the List, or stop after that single designation or stop point, depending on how you have your auto advance arrows set.

You can also set your designation list to clear the screen upon completion, as seen in Preferences > Designations below.

Playback of designation lists with links are the same as those without links with a few extra tips:

  1. If you forgot to clear a link – Hitting Ctrl + F takes your video back to full screen and clears the doc.

  2. Forget a highlight or a callout – no problem, anything you can do to a document on its own (highlight, callout, zoom) you can do to a document that is linked.

  3. Need to hide the video on-the-fly during playback? Just press Shift + V (press again to bring the video back).

How to Present

Want your designation lists to start paused instead of playing automatically?

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Designations & Transcripts

  2. Uncheck the option for 'Begin playback automatically'

Starting a Designation List Paused