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Importing Notebooks

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July 29, 2022 at 2:41:15 PM

Video Tutorial

You can import Notebooks into OnCue. OnCue can import 3 types of files.

  • Text file - *.txt

  • OnCue Notebook Package – *.ocp

  • OnCue Notebook XML  - *.xml (from OnCue 3)

Text File – Simply type or paste a list of your exhibits into a text file and indicate what you want to name your Notebook at the top or the text file, as shown below. You can have multiple notebooks in a single text file. The ID tells you what the notebook is named.

After creating and saving your text file in Windows, you are now ready to import the Notebook into OnCue.  Click on the + in the Notebook tab of the Media Bar and select "Import Notebooks" and choose your text file.

Here are the descriptions of the other files:

OnCue Notebook Package – This will come to you from someone who has an OnCue case. Along with the list, it can include any annotations created in the other case. You need to have the same documents, named the same way in your case to add those annotations. A more detailed description of a Notebook Package can be found in Exporting Notebooks.

OnCue Notebook XML – These are exported from an OnCue 3 case. If you need to transfer your notebooks, this file maintains sub-notebooks.

Importing Notebooks