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Manual Transcript Sync

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May 19, 2023 at 9:55:44 PM

Video Tutorial

In the Tools menu – select Manual Transcript Sync.

Choose your transcript from the drop down.

Add your video using the “+” to the right of All Media.

Choose your videos and hit open.

Scroll down in the transcript on the right to where you want the sync to start and click on the transcript line before the line you want to start with (or even a little before that).

Select the video you want to use to sync.

Move the yellow scrub bar a little before the start of where you want to sync.

Use the hotkeys at the bottom of the screen.

Have the video play and hit the spacebar at the beginning or end of each line to mark where the video and the transcript will be synchronized. Notice the time stamp each time you hit the space bar. The time is for the next line. Every time you hit the space bar it is setting the timecode for the beginning of the next line.

If you are fixing a current transcript that already has sync information, scroll to the spot you want to fix on the transcript and click on it. Then find your place in the video that you need to adjust. NOTE – it is very important to click on the transcript then find your spot in the video.

Finally, hit SAVE TRANSCRIPT to save your work.

Manual Transcript Sync