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Manual Transcript Sync

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March 9, 2024 at 9:25:09 PM

Video Tutorial

1. In the Tools menu – select Manual Transcript Sync.

2. Choose your transcript from the drop down or choose Import Transcripts… and navigate to your transcript. Make sure the audio/video you want to use is in the _synchedvideos folder.

*OnCue will copy audio/video files for you if your transcripts are named the same or similar.

3. OnCue automatically selects associated video in the _synchedvideos folder if the naming is similar or exact to the transcript.

4. Click on the transcript in the pane a line or two BEFORE you want to start setting the syncing/setting the timecodes.

5. Using your shortcut keys, start syncing.

  • Enter starts and stops the video playing

  • Space sets the timecode

6. Each time you hit the space bar, notice the timecode is set. The time is for the next line. Every time you hit the space bar it sets the timecode for the beginning of the next line.