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Understanding Transcripts

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March 9, 2024 at 9:41:36 PM

Video Tutorial

If you click the arrow next to the Duration (in the bottom left corner) – you get what you see above.

Remember, OnCue will not know where the actual video is until it's been copied to the _synchedvideos folder.

You can copy the ID if you have import files to do you can copy the total time of the deposition itself.

Transcript Tab - With Viewer

Access the pre-set screen layout for working with video depositions, click on the Create/Edit Designations on the Workflow Ribbon.

This window/pane layout includes a list of the transcripts on the left, the Designation Editor Pane in the middle, and the Transcript Viewer Pane on the right shows the text of the deposition.

If you close the Designation Editor Pane you can get a full look at the Transcript Viewer Pane you will see a toolbar near the top, which has most of the basic actions you need (more advanced stuff is on the right-click menu.)

On the left of the transcript text you may notice an occasional hourglass.

This indicates how long a line is and is often found to be long pauses. OnCue defaults to 12 seconds per line but you can change this in preferences.

If the transcript text is gray, italicized this indicates that there is no video for those portions of text.  Black text indicates undesignated lines of transcript text.  Bold and/or colored text indicates designated text.