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Optimizing Your PDFs

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August 2, 2022 at 10:33:55 PM

Video Tutorial

Right-click on your document and select Optimize PDF...

Here are your options:

  • Optimize Page Contents
    Improves splitting performance
    Restructures the PDF so that all information on each page is located within that page

  • Optimize object encoding
    Makes PDF load faster
    Stores PDF data as decoded objects rather than streams

  • Optimize images
    Makes pdf load faster
    Encodes images as JPEG

  • Optimize for fast web view
    Makes PDF load faster.
    Restructures the PDF so that pages can be loaded without reading the entire file

  • Remove unused resources
    Makes PDF smaller, might improve load time
    Removes unnecessary resources from PDF

  • Disable stream compression
    Makes PDF load faster
    Extracts PDF data into uncompressed streams, making the PDF larger but faster to load

  • Flatten PDF annotations
    Might help with missing overlays/stickers
    Converts PDF annotations into regular PDF objects

  • Attempt to repair damaged files
    Can fix broken PDFs
    Rebuilds cross reference table by scanning entire PDF file

  • Create backup before optimizing
    Keeps the old, unoptimized version around once optimizing is done.

Optimize PDF