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Page Dragging Split Screen and Scrolling

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November 25, 2022 at 2:57:44 PM

Video Tutorial

Pull up the next page: 

Start at your main page and position the mouse near the bottom of the Viewer, hold in the CTRL key, then right-click and drag the mouse up from the bottom of the screen to drag the next page up.

Pull down the previous page:

You can also CTRL + right-click and drag from the top of the page to pull down the end of the previous page from the top of the Viewer. 

Removing the split screen:

Double-clicking on the section you would like to keep will remove and clear the other section of the split screen. Remember: if you have zoomed in or gone wide in either pane, you will need to double-click twice to go back to a single page (the first double-click clears the zoom).

Note: Keep in mind that if you hold down the CTRL key while you pan – the minute the split line moves off the top of the page, it will come up again at the bottom no matter what part of the page you are on. 

Page Dragging Split Screen