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Displaying Multiple Pages (Split Screens)

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March 4, 2024 at 7:16:44 PM

Video Tutorial

Vertical Split = /

Vertical Split with next page = CTRL + /

Horizontal Split = \

Horizontal Split with next page = CTRL + \

Horizontal Split with page scrolling = CTRL + Mouse Scroll Wheel

Swap Split Panes = ALT + /
Show Next in All Panes = CTRL + Right Arrow

Unsplit and Launch Single Pane = CTRL + SHIFT + F5


Bring up a document or audiovisual and press /

Left-click on the blank side (or press Tab) to make that zone active.

Manually enter the Media ID (X+ID+ENTER) or select a page/audiovisual in Production and hitting F5. Note: If you are using On-Air Mode, you need only select the page/audiovisual in Production.

The / and \ hotkeys are toggles. Selecting either of those a second time will make the screen go back to single-page display on whichever side is active.

Notes about On the Fly split screens: To launch a single page from the viewer after your split, hitting the CTRL + SHIFT + F5 - Whichever side is active will launch as single page. CTRL + SHIFT + F5 is the hotkey for unsplit all and launch active pane.

Notes about Pre-Saving and Locking Split Screens:  If you have pre-saved and locked split screens, the next ID you launch will launch exactly as you expect either single or double (see the Split Page Lock article for more details).

You can split screen a few different ways with OnCue - Horizontal, Vertical, or if you are only working with documents you can drag the next page up (or previous page down) into the viewer.

Horizontal Split Screen

Pressing the forward slash ( / ) will split the Viewer into 2 sections.  By default, the second section will be blank but pressing CTRL+/  will split the Viewer horizontally with next page of the document pulled up in the second section.  Pressing forward slash again will remove the section without focus.  You can tell which section has focus - it will have a gray rectangle drawn around it.

Vertical Split Screen

To splash the screen vertically, press the backslash key ( \ ) in the Viewer.  The same idea of bringing up the next page of the document works with CTRL+\  and pressing blackslash again will remove the unfocused section.

Tip: To show the bottom of one page and the top of the next page follow these steps. Bring up your document, hit W and then page down to show the bottom of the page. Now select CTRL + W + \ to split the document with the top of the next page.