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Split Screen Page Lock

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March 13, 2024 at 10:33:54 PM

Video Tutorial

1. Split your screen in the viewer using a hot key or the split button.

2. Click on the empty side and find the page you want to launch on that side.

3. Go back to the split button on the toolbar. This shows you can now lock those pages in.

4. Save your annotation just like normal. You will notice the locks on the annotation.

5. To unlock, uncheck. But remember if you saved it, it will still be a locked annotation. You will need to update the annotation after unlocking.

6. You can also lock all split screens automatically when you save the annotations. Make sure that Lock on Save is checked. This will lock any split screen that is saved, including split screens saved in Presentation.

Again, when you lock a split screen, any single page ID you select next will launch into the Viewer or into Presentation as a single page.

Questions asked about this feature:

1. Do I have to save the locked split screen for the single page id launch to work?

No, you don’t have to save the locked split, you can lock a split screen in the viewer while you are in court and launch it, the next single page ID you launch will launch as a single page (no un-splitting screens necessary). You can even lock, launch, edit and then save in Presentation and it will save as locked.

2. What is this feature good for?

Do you like presenting straight in notebook by hitting the down arrow and the launching your doc? When you lock your split screens (and save them) OnCue will present your notebook exactly how you have it set up.

Prepare a Split Screen and Lock Your Pages