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Playback of Video and Audio Clips

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May 18, 2023 at 12:58:54 AM

Video Tutorial

Select Annotate/Present in the Workflow Ribbon.

Under the Audiovisuals, select your Folder, File or Clip. This will only play the selected item.

Hit F5 or the Bird in the Viewer 

or Publish in the top right corner

We recommend showing non-depo video through our On-Air option (see Displaying Exhibits - On-Air for more information). This allows you to have full access to a toolbar and the options on it without showing the toolbar on your Presentation Screen. If you choose to show a toolbar on the Presentation screen it has the same options and a scrub tool.

While the video is playing, if you select the one of the 4 Forward/Reverse buttons it will speed up or slow down your video as you like.

NOTE: They must be selected while the video is playing. They can be clicked multiple times to change speeds.

While in On-Air mode, you can also right click on the video and select Playback Speed. Remember – your mouse cursor and any right click menus used while On-Air is active will not show in your Presentation Screen.

To playback multiple clips or files all at once, you need to create a Media Script. See Creating Media Scripts and Auto-Advance your Script.

See Exporting Media Scripts if you want to create one file from multiple clips.

Reminder: You cannot annotate or zoom in on an audiovisual.

Playback of Video and Audio Clips

Presenting your Audiovisuals is exactly like presenting documents except you cannot zoom in on or annotate your audiovisuals.

Step-by-step Instructions

Media Bar

Select a tab or search below


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