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Reordering and Renumbering Document Pages

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March 9, 2024 at 7:52:51 PM

Video Tutorial

You can drag and drop your pages to reorder a document.

1. Choose the document you want under the document tab.

2. Drag and drop the pages to reorder them. Page two is now the first page in Exhibit 4 in the image below.

Note: You can drag a title page to the bottom of the document or just delete the page without deleting it from the underlying PDFs.

3. Now right-click on your document, choose Renumber IDs and choose Renumber IDs again. This renumbers your document starting at 1.

Fixing a Non-Page Number Start Page

1. Choose the document you want under the document tab, Right-click, select Renumber IDs and then Renumber IDs Starting with…

2. Change to your new starting number and Select Okay.

OnCue will only do consecutive numbers for auto-numbering.

You cannot change individual page IDs. To assign alternate IDs use the Bates or Name field.

Fixing a Non-Page 1 Start