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Editing Text in a Designation

Articles > Designations

November 29, 2022 at 3:31:25 AM

Video Tutorial

Double-click on a line of text in the editor. Highlight the text you want to change and then delete or edit. This way can only change one line at a time.

If you need to edit the beginning and the end of a designation, try the second method below.

Double-Click Text in Editor

Select the pencil next to the scrolling text above the edit bar.

This will open a full text box of the entire designation.

Just delete the text from the beginning or end that you do not want to scroll on screen and Save Changes. You can revert back to the transcript text at any time (even after saving), just use the button.

Once you have clicked away from the designation and then click back the change will be reflected on the Video Editor. NOTICE in the image below that the transcript has not changed. Scrolling text changes are specific to each designation and if you were to designate the same page/line again, this edit would not apply.

Now, when you play it in LIVE it looks exactly how you wanted it to look, without text for video that doesn't play.

If you run a Designation List Report the testimony will not be there but if you run a Transcript Report it will be as that uses the original transcript.

Select the Pencil Icon