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Importing TextMap Annotations Exports

Articles > Designations

July 19, 2022 at 8:22:03 PM

Video Tutorial

Textmap Issues = OnCue Highlighter Colors

OnCue Highlighter Color Names must be identical to your TextMap issue names. First, setup your TextMap and then set your OnCue highlighter names to match. 

Export your TextMap Annotations

Second, export your Annotations. It is very import to include Notes and Issues. OnCue doesn't look at the notes now but it may in future and it lines up the columns for import.

Your Annotation CSV should look like this:


Next, the Transcript column in your CSV must match the Media ID for the transcript in OnCue.

You can copy this information from the Transcript tab by clicking on your transcript and at the bottom of the screen expand the arrow.

Name your File

What you name your CSV file is what will show up in OnCue. A file name of V5 Yokey Case Designations gets the ID of V5 and the name Yokey Case Designations.

Put it together

Once everything is as you want it to be. Import your designations.

In the Designations Tab hover over the "+" and select Import Designations from File...

Or choose Import from the File Menu or right-click in any tab and select Import > Import Designations...

Importing TextMap Annotations exports