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Removing Objections

Articles > Designations

March 6, 2024 at 5:34:59 PM

Video Tutorial

1. Select the designation that you wish to remove from

2. Select the text that you would like to remove

3. Right-click on that text you have selected

4. Choose the option to “Remove Selection”

5. OnCue will automatically update your playlist and create a new designation where the removed portion ended

Remove Objections

(1) Pin Transcript – Keeps current transcript in Viewer if you click on another person’s designation

(2) Create New Designation List from Select – Creates new list from selected portion

(3) Add Selection – Add selected portion to the chosen designation list

(4) Insert Select Before – Insert selected portion before your chosen designation

(5) Insert Select After – Insert selected portion after your chosen designation

(6) Preview Selection – Plays untuned portion of video selected

(7) Copy Text – As described – copy text to your clipboard

(8) Copy Text without Page/Line – As described – copy just text

(9) Copy Cite – As described – copy page and line

(10) Split Before – Breaks your designation into two separate designations BEFORE the selected portion

(11) Split After – Breaks your designation into two separate designations AFTER the selected portion

(12) Remove Selection – Deletes selected portion from a chosen designation

(13) Edit Start/Stop to Selection – Careful – changes page and line you have chosen in list to what you have selected

(11) Select Active Highlighter – As described – sets color for you next selection

(15) Set Highlighter Colors... – Set up your colors – See Transcript Highlighters

(16) Publish as Text Only – Show selected portion in Presentation with no video, only scrolling text

(17) Publish – Show selected portion in Presentation