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Overlapping or Duplicate Designation Removal

Articles > Designations

April 7, 2023 at 8:29:33 PM

Video Tutorial

Right-click on the existing designation list that you want to alter and select Remove Overlapping Lines...  

You can set which Transcript Highlighter is the higher priority by selecting a number and moving it up and down in the list. This keeps as much fine-tuning in place as possible.


You can select the color that overlaps and duplicates become. This will remove fine-tuning from duplicates and overlaps because there is no priority for fine-tuning.

You can hover over a Red designation on the right and it will explain why a designation has changed. It does not highlight the duplicates. It will just remove them, leaving one designation behind.

You can look at the original list before saving changes. Just select Show: Original at the top right.

You can also create a backup before saving.

You can find Remove Overlapping Lines... in the Designation Wizard under Actions

NOTE: Best practice is to sort by page and lines before removing the overlap on an existing list.

Remove Overlapping Lines