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Using the Sidebar to Build Work Product

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July 29, 2022 at 2:41:09 PM

Video Tutorial

Three sections of the Media Bar contain case work product, you might want to work on away from the Media Bar. These are Designations, Media Sequences and Notebooks.

These all have a Sidebar that lets you launch a separate pane.

Here we are looking at our Closing Presentation in the Media Bar but cannot drag anything to it from other sections.

But with the Presentation selected, clicking on the Sidebar button will allow you to show Sequence in its own pane to the right or show all your sequences in a separate pane, allowing anything from the case to be dropped in.

When you are finished, just close the pane.

You can do this with any piece of Work Product including Designation Lists and individual Notebooks.

The point of the Sidebar is, whatever you are working on now becomes the primary focus on the program, and that focus can change in an instant.

Double-clicking also allows you to launch just what you are working on to a separate pane.

Opening the Sidebar