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Understanding your Right-Click Menu – Transcripts

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March 8, 2024 at 7:27:29 AM

Video Tutorial

Main Transcript:

(1) Publish – Starts deposition playing from the beginning

(2) Show in Windows File Explorer – Exactly as described – opens folder where your file is

(3) Copy – Copy your entire transcript – into a Notebook

(4) Edit ID – As described – change the ID (full ID shown)

(5) Delete – Careful – no undo

(6) Reports – Only clean (no highlighting) transcript report

(7) Import – All options for imports available – not tied to transcripts

(8) Export – Exhibit List Only

(9) Remap Media Files... – Change file path/Remap your synced video files

(10) Optimize Video... – Optimize and/or change the resolution of your synced video files


(11) Presentation – Choose how you present - deposition will play from the beginning

(12) Displays – Choose your display

(13) Playback Speed – As described – speed up or slow down playback – NOT for presentation

(14) Copy as Image – Paste a screenshot into another program

Transcript Viewer:

(1) Pin Transcript – Keeps current transcript in Viewer if you click on another person’s designation

(2) Create New Designation List from Selection – Creates new list from selected portion

(3) Add Selection – Add selected portion to the chosen designation list

(4) Insert Selection Before – Insert selected portion before your chosen designation

(5) Insert Selection After – Insert selected portion after your chosen designation

(6) Add Link – Manually type in doc for selected page and line (must be in designation)

(7) Clear Linked Document – Removes linked document in Presentation, video returns to full screen (must be in designation)

(8) Preview Selection – Plays untuned portion of video selected

(9) Copy Text – As described – copy text to your clipboard

(10) Copy Text without Page/Line – As described – copy just text

(11) Copy Cite – As described – copy page and line

(12) Split Before – Breaks your designation into two separate designations BEFORE the selected portion

(13) Split After – Breaks your designation into two separate designations AFTER the selected portion

(14) Remove Selection – Deletes selected portion from a chosen designation

(15) Edit Start/Stop to Selection – Careful – changes page and line you have chosen in list to what you have selected

(16) Select Active Highlighter – As described – sets color for you next selection

(17) Set Highlight Colors – Set up your colors – See Transcript Highlighters

(18) Publish as Text Only – Show selected portion in Presentation with no video, only scrolling text

(19) Publish – Show selected portion in Presentation

Right-Click Menu - Transcripts